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salad chef in Pakistan

German architects composed Salad Chef machine particularly for the kitchen.

You can cut your online shopping pakistan. potatoes, onions, tomatoes, 12 diverse routes with it.

You can likewise make an organic product plate of mixed greens shortly.

Gourmet expert plate of mixed greens is appropriate for each and every apparatus that helps prep cooks productively powers with a solitary bowl and a cluster of additional items. Telebrands office plate of mixed greens spinner Rinse and dry the lettuce by a solid slice with the edge appended to the top dices paint ideal in the pot. Serving of mixed greens Chef in Pakistan, both vast, medium and intense, 786 shop. including the slicing edges adequately to slice through the majority of the potatoes to the weight, and promising to change the slips set up of Julian islands and cheddar scraps. Once arranged power, new and stay cover fits properly, permitting you to shake the greens for the issuance of the locker or slip them straight in the cooler or lake manatee. purchase Salad Chef in Pakistan.


Simple to store

Low power

Quick, clean taking care of

Safe operation

Simple cleaning

Table handling

Stainless steel


Cutting addition with a coordinated stick matrix

Cutting shopping in pakistan.

Straightforward container( limit 1,500ml)

Stick cover compartments for gathering

Cutting edge embed( 6mm*6mm or 12mm*12mm)

Cutting edge embed (6mm*36mm or 18mm*12mm)

Cut for quarters or eight utilize

Plug cutter to stamp eight

Fractional scope for all cutting edges embeds.

Proficient peeler.Buy salad chef in Pakistan

Planer use with cutting edge monitor

Item holder with guide.

You can likewise make organic product plate of mixed greens inside couple of minutes.

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